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Course Contents

As you work through this tutorial, you're apt to become "lost" every once-in-a-while as the course is extensive. This Table of Contents is provided to you so you can more easily find your place on the study "track".

"Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

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Starting the Tutorial

Learning Objectives

Figures of Speech

Important Bible Study Terms

AMP Full Outline

Author's Homepage

Where To Go From Here


Learning Objectives

Start here...

My eyes are as good as yours...?
Agassiz & the Fish
Assign 1: Journal
Assign 2: Reading Skills Test
Reading Skills Test: Luke 2
Reading Skills Test: Questions
Inductive Bible Study
A Word from Watchman Nee
Assign 3: Journal

The Four Elements
Observing Words
Observing Structure (1)
Observing Structure (2)
Assign 4: Journal
Answers to Q10
Observing Form & Mood
Observing Literary Form
t. s. eliot & Agatha Christie
Observing Mood
AMP Step 1 -- Observation
Assign 5: Journal

Perry Mason
Asking Interpretive Questions
Worksheet Example
Using Your Right Brain!
AMP Step 2a -- Interpretive Questions
Assign 6: Journal
Where to find answers
Core Library
Integrating & Summarizing Answers
Interpretation as a Social Process
AMP Step 2b -- Interpretive Answers
Assign 7: Journal

Meaning & Value of Evaluation
Tips in Evaluation
AMP Step 3 -- Evaluation & Application
Assign 8: Journal
The Process of Application
Your Life Wheel
Self-Awareness of the Interpreter
Assign 9: Journal
Where Do You Go From Here?

List of Bible Study Terminology
List of Figures of Speech

A Methodical Plan

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