Powerful, simple, step-by-step method to understanding the Bible for yourself.

I Don't Want it to be Too Hard...

You don't HAVE to read your Bible carefully. There are other ways to "hear" God's Word! Check any box below showing how you'd rather learn your Bible, other than studying it for yourself!

"Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

RDTW written, pub. &
© 1985, 1998 by Emil B. Swift

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For students wanting some harder studies...

...look for the bookworm... It'll take you to more study materials!

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For students who DON'T WANT harder studies, you just skip anything marked with the Worm!!!

I'd rather stay completely ignorant ("Without a vision, the people perish." -- Prov. 29.18)
I'd prefer to be shallow...
The only Bible I need I get from Sunday sermons (That's #2 all-over again.)
Teaching tapes -- way to go! (These might be better, but they're like "ABC" gum. It's Bible that's "Already Been Chewed" by someone else!)
I want to learn about God from just personal experience (This is also-known-as the "school of hard knocks" or "if God wants me to change, He can break me"...!)
I don't want to study -- I'll just use Visualization... I'll make up an image of "Jesus" in my mind and after a time, "he" will begin speaking direction and truth to me... (hmmmm...)

I'm sure you would like to be able to "study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth"! (Click the worm for a deeper study of 2 Tim. 2.15!)

In Rightly Dividing the Word, you'll learn:

1. ...a simple method of in-depth, Bible study with three, main steps which will unlock Scripture truths -- truths which most Christians seem unable to discover in their own reading.

2. ...a simple set of skills that will equip you with the confidence to open the Bible to any text and know what truths God wants you to understand.

And for those of you who want to press even more deeply into studying their Bible, you can learn...

3. ...to do extended, in-depth study of any passage or book of Scripture.

_____Accept No Substitute!_____Accept No Substitute!_____Accept No Substitute!_____Accept No Substitute!_____Accept No Substitute!_____Accept No Substitute!_____

Nothing can substitute for your own, personal study of God's Word, the Bible!

  • The Bible imparts truth and strengthens your spirit.
  • Life's decisions become clearer.
  • Your relationships with others improve. In today's world, there is a rise of darkness and trouble which leads many Christians to wish they knew Scripture better for themselves.
  • Still, Bible study is not easy!

    That should come as no surprise. Still, too many people think they can't study the Bible in depth! Many feel the Bible is too hard. On top of that, many sense their own sin-nature struggles against the Light of Truth.

    But their real problems with accurately understanding Scripture are much greater than mere sin! There are other difficulties!

    Here are some reasons the Bible is hard for everyone to understand:

    • Scriptures were written in a culture foreign to us; most of us can't read them in their original languages (Greek and Hebrew) so we have to use translations.

    • Scriptures demand careful attention to details of language and grammar -- things with which most people are unfamiliar.

    • Scriptures are made up of different literary forms and figures of speech -- including some not even used in our culture today.

    • Scriptures can only be understood spiritually -- the natural mind cannot understand them by itself.*

    These are serious problems for everyone trying to read the Bible carefully. You can sure use some help in "rightly handling the Word of truth"!

    Many Christians are not getting the spiritual "food" from the Word of God that they need for successfully walking in the Spirit every day! Just like God sent "bread from heaven" (manna) every day to the children of God in the wilderness, so we need the "bread" of God's Word every day. Indeed, many Christians depend entirely upon the once-a-week "Bible feeding" they get at Sunday services. Others depend on an occasional question to a pastor or elder -- people who sometimes seem to "have a corner" on understanding the Word of God and how to apply it.

    But depending too much on other people's study of the Word of God is not healthy. "Second-hand feeding" will not produce the strong Word-based, Spirit-led, intimacy with Jesus that you must have to become truly Christlike in your everyday life! For that, we all need to "feed" on "every Word which proceeds from the mouth of God"!

    Besides -- there's a new Move of the Holy Spirit in the world today.

    In a new and fresh way, Jesus is beginning to Prepare His Bride for the soon-coming Wedding! As part of what He's doing, Jesus is raising up a Kingdom of Priests and Scribes...and you are called by Jesus to be both a "Kingdom Priest" and a "Kingdom Scribe"!

    If you haven't read, What does It Mean to be a "KingdomScribe?", then please read it here, now!

    Now -- No Speeding!

    Don't rush through this course! Expect this course to take some time -- maybe a couple of weeks, a month or maybe two or three months!

    Take this course seriously. Give some real time to it every day or so far awhile. You'll change some of your old reading and study habits -- it'll be radical change, but it won't be instant change! Be persistent!

    Whenever you find yourself stuck or don't know what to do next, please email us and tell us your problem! We're glad to help you in any way you need. We're "teaching pastors" in the Body of Christ and God's made us available to help you grow in the knowledge and stature of our wonderful Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN!

    * 1Cor 2.14: "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." [GO BACK]

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    © Copyright 1985, 1998 by Emil B. Swift.
    This tutorial was adapted by Emil Swift from the course , Biblical Hermeneutics which he'd originally written for and used in the Gospel Outreach International Training Center.