Em&M Ministries

Em&M Ministries is the vehicle by which Emil and Michele Swift are known to the Body of Christ at large. Hidden away in the remote mountains of northern California, near the beautiful Trinity Alps, Emil and Michele have been called by God to minister together uniquely to the Body of Christ.

Primarily, they share a revelatory teaching ministry -- gifted in the Spirit to teach mysteries of the Kingdom in a simple, direct fashion. Emil and Michele are Kingdom Scribes whose hearts are to raise every Believer into living and ministering in the power of the Spirit and the Word as scribes of the Kingdom. Having pastored for twenty-five years, the Swifts fulfill a non-traditional role as "pastors" -- pastoring the spirit rather than merely pastoring the soul. A passion to engage the hearts, souls and spirits of his listeners has led Emil and Michele into a teaching style characterized by its lack of religion, rituals and church jargon. They minister in words easily understood by those to whom they speak. In prophetic ministry at Bethel Church in northern California, Emil has been likened to a keg of beer -- a sparkling drink filled with bubbles, releasing joy in his hearers. The fact that Emil is undisturbed at being likened to a keg of beer or even a new wineskin, helps to show the lack of religiosity that pervades the ministries of Emil and Michele!

Infused by many painful but profound experiences gleaned from two and a half decades as faithful pastors in the mountains of the Klamath-Trinity River Region -- Emil and Michele are gifted Encouragers to others in the Body of Christ. In their ministry, they impart to Believers a profound and simple understanding of this Spiritual Season -- the Time for the Preparation of the Bride of Christ. They are a Voice calling others into living in the Kingdom now, of living both in the Word as well as the Spirit, of manifesting the unity of the Body which we already possess in Christ, and of today's Marriage of Holiness and Power!

Originally, the late Jim Durkin (apostolic head over Gospel Outreach) ordained Emil as a "five-fold teacher" to the Body of Christ. Today, Emil and Michele minister under the spiritual impartation of Bill Johnson's apostolic ministry, located in Redding, California. Nourished by that fertile oversight, the Lord has released Emil and Michele -- like "a fruitful bough climbing over the wall" -- into a larger, public ministry.

Em&M Ministries distributes the computer based, inter-active tutorial called, Rightly Dividing the Word. Using this tutorial with any computer (Mac or PC) having a web browser, people are taught a simplified hermeneutic -- learning the few but critical skills needed for accurately reading, interpreting and applying Scripture more powerfully than ever before in your life and the lives of others. Packaged along with the tutorial is a audio teaching entitled, Surfing the Prophetic Voice! which lends focus to the hermeneutics' tutorial.

Emil has one book available now -- published by SwiftEagle Publications as either an e-book online or paperback. This little book imparts a healing vision to the lamentable divisions in the Body of Christ and is entitled, Many Are Sick and Some Have Died (The Little Book of Christian Harmony). In addition, the Swifts have published a valuable white paper on the biblical basis for modern-day apostolic ministries. Called Apostolic Ministries in the 21st Century, it is available for free download.

Other live teachings are available on CDs including a series on Evangelistic Principles for the Bride of Christ, Pressing Violently into the Kingdom, Authority and Love in the Local Church as well as others. Emil's sermons and teachings are characterized by their simplicity and freshness of revelation that stir people's spirits, releasing greater access into Jesus Christ's Superabundant Life.

Despite the isolated wilderness in which they live, Emil and Michele are not ministering independently. They are closely linked to several other ministries and ministers in their region and elsewhere in America.

For further information about Em&M Ministries, please email Emil and Michele.