Kingdom Steps

This is the "entry page" for teachings on how to see the Kingdom of God, and how to live in it daily.

It's not about church. It's not about being a christian. It's not about being good. It's not about making God happy.

Here, we've gathered together some teachings (and we add to them regularly) that help transform your mind (Rom 12.2) so that God can take you into the visible, practical manifestation of spiritual realities that you've never even dreamed about.

The Kingdom of God is simply about your doing what is right in any given moment of any day, about your doing it in a place of undisturbable peace, and your having fun as you're doing it. (Rom 14.17)

Every link below is a "door" into understanding life in God's Kingdom better. Some "doors" lead into familiar places. Other "doors" lead into unexpected place which may be exciting or even frightening at first. But they're "doors" of spiritual perception, biblically based, leading into a deeper, more intimate and personal friendship with God.

Want that? Select one of interest, and walk through the "door" into a greater Reality.

The First Step -- Become One...

The Second Step -- Be One...

The Third Step -- Be One... With Others

Spreading the Kingdom by Our Love