Kingdom Steps

The Third Step -- Be One... With Others

Step One is to become One with Jesus Christ; Step Two is to remain united to Jesus Christ through every moment of every day, and the Third Step into the Kingdom is to be One with others.

It isn't an accident that Jesus said that the World will know that we are His followers because of our love for one another. [John 13]

In fact -- the Kingdom of God will never be fully realized here on earth, the Church will never be built, the Body of Christ will never ne built up and the Bride of Christ will never make it to Her Wedding -- if we don't take this Third Step into the Kingdom.

Did you catch that? Not only will you never be able to live in the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God will never come here to earth, if you and I and all who are in Christ hold ourselves back from being One in Christ.

It's very simple. Very very simple.

If you are One with Jesus Christ, and I am One with Jesus Christ -- what does that make you and me?


And if we deny or reject each other -- if we refuse to Love each other -- we're rejecting Jesus Christ, for it is He Who has made us one.

Did you know that when we refuse to see or admit that everyone who is in Christ are One Body, that the result may be that we die? That's the apostle Paul's warning in 1 Corinthians 11 -- that because many of the saints at Corinth refused to "discern" the Body that Jesus had united together in Love (all Believers), that "many are sick, and weak, and some have died."

It doesn't say that God kills them or even makes them sick. Throughout Scripture, there are ample evidences that the "judgment of God" is no more than His removing His restraints against Satan, and allowing the powers of darkness to afflict us. But whether it's Satan's hand or God's, many people at Corinth were sick, weak and some had died -- because they had refused to manifest their Oneness in Christ.

Earlier in chapter 11, Paul warned them that when they gathered together for their "Love feast", celebrating the death of Christ for their sins, the wealthier and "more important" people would manifest their rejection of the poorer and "less important" people. Know what they'd do? They'd invite everyone to this "feast" in memory of Christ's death, the wealthier people would bring lots of wine and rich, expensive foods -- and eat the food in front of their poorer brothers and sisters, fellow Believers who were too poor to bring anything with them.

Paul said that they'd be better off if they never had any "Lord's Supper" -- they were bringing condemnation down upon their own heads. (Sick, weak and some died.)

Today, 2,000 years have passed. So, do you think that now it's O.K. to despise our Brothers and Sisters? Do you think that -- when we refuse to love those who are also in Christ, that Paul would say it isn't so important any more? That if we refuse to see and discern the saints who make up the Body of Christ, that we won't be sick, weak or even die?

Or do you suppose that some of the sicknesses, weaknesses and even deaths that have come against Believers today, might be directly caused by our refusal to Love one another, our refusal to identify our oneness in Jesus Christ?

This is no light issue. We'll see in the Next Step into the Kingdom, why it is that Jesus has no other plan to build His Church other than our displaying our Oneness. The Church will NOT be built by religious endeavors; the Church will NOT be built by charitable donations; the Church will NOT be built by sound theology; the Church will NOT be built by fastings, by prayers, by conferences, seminars or PowerPoint demonstrations. The Church will NOT even be built by signs and wonders, healings and exorcisims.

The Church can ONLY be built by our manifesting our Oneness in Christ.

Our next Step into the Kingdom is building up one another in Love.

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