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Many Are Sick & Some Have Died


Little Book
Christian Harmony

Table of Contents

For your conveniance, here's a list of all the sections of the book:

  1. A Supernatural Curse?

  2. A Shameless Bride

  3. Unity and Particularism

  4. Discerning the Body

  5. I Have No Need For You!

  6. Making Every Effort

  7. Looking for a Loophole

  8. A Pox On Church Unity!

  9. The Myth of Organizational Unity

  10. What About Doctrinal Distinctions?

  11. What About Traditional Differences in Worship?

  12. Profaning the Covenant of our Fathers

  13. Who's "Qualified" to be God's Child?

  14. Our Father, Who Art in Heaven

  15. The Gates of Hell

  16. Show Us the Father

  17. How'r Ya Doin', Pilgrim?

  18. What, if Anything, Can be Done?

  19. Conclusion

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Where am I in the content of the book?

What 16 things can be done to help manifest the unity of Christ if our churches right now?

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