Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!

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RDTW equips Believers throughout the Body of Christ to read and understand the Word of God for themselves, as never before!

RDTW is an Interactive Tutorial on 2 CD-ROMs, which takes full advantage of today's interactive media technology. Step-by-step (through a series of instructions and exercises) RDTW delivers a complete course on how to study the Bible accurately and profoundly. It covers everything from developing the necessary Biblical/spiritual perspective and background information, to hands-on help in applying the simple study skills mastered through the Tutorial.

This unique CD-ROM format allows each reader to proceed at his or her own pace, and is easily adapted for either individual or home group study.

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When you've finished the tutorial, you'll have learned a set of simple skills enabling you to read the Scriptures as never before -- accurately, profoundly and personally.

You begin by learning --
  • what four things to look for in every Scripture text.

  • how you can break open any Bible verse, chapter or section.

  • how to know when to apply different study techniques for different kinds of Scripture.

  • what study resources are available, where to get them and which are the ones to get first, then second, and so on.

  • how to accurately apply truths you've gained from your studies to different areas of your own life and the lives of those whom you may influence.

The included exercise assignments, supplemental articles and other resources enhance the tutorial, assisting you to profoundly understand the Word as you learn at your own pace.

This is a two-CD set: The first CD is the Hermeneutics' tutorial itself, Rightly Dividing the Word. The second CD is an audio CD entitled, "Surfing the Prophetic Voice of God!" This audio CD includes the Vision of Jesus' call for every Believer, every Christian, to become a Kingdom Scribe. It's bundled along with the RDTW tutorial in order to help position the Bible student spiritually in respect to the Living Word of God (both rhema and logos) before beginning the tutorial.

Here are some Tutorial Features:

Lesson window stays open while auxiliary pages open in separate windows. Never lose your place!
Simple operation! If you can SURF the Internet, you can use the Tutorial! But no web connection is needed!
Completely Interactive! You won't just sit back and watch! You learn interactively -- more powerful than video OR a regular, paper textbook!

The RDTW CD runs on both Windows or Mac platforms. All your computer has to have is any regular web browser. Even though this tutorial does not require an Internet connection, being online is convenient to have for additional resources.

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