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This paper examines what little the Bible actually says about apostles and apostolic ministry. By seeing more clearly what the Bible says (and what it doesn't say), every Believer is empowered to make wiser choices in accepting or rejecting apostolic ministries in the Church today.

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Many Are Weak and Some Have Died


The Little Book of Christian Harmony

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Many Are Sick and Some Have Died: The Little Book of Christian Harmony, has already been printed once (that's where the pictures came from.) But Em&M Ministries doesn't have the funds right now to print a larger run. As soon as it's financially practical and if it seems led of the Lord, we'll notify everyone on our e-mail list that it's available in print. Until then, it's an e-book -- and who knows, maybe it'll always be an e-book! It's a lot easier to slip across borders and into places a hard copy might never be allowed!


Works on any computer that has the free program, Adobe Reader.

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